Hi! I’m an actor and comedy lady (I don’t feel qualified to say “comedian”) in Los Angeles.

I created this site for two reasons:

1) As a way to keep track of my weird, wacky stories. I have a terrible memory and am constantly afraid I’ll forget all the nuanced details of my life if I don’t document them in some form, and this seemed more fun and environmentally friendly than adding to my excessive diary collection.

2) I have a deep, severe case of imposter syndrome, and a crippling sense that what I have to say is dumb and unimportant. In 2018, I decided that feeling this way was no longer okay with me, and the best way to push through it would be doing things that are uncomfortable, i.e. posting random crap I write on the internet for people to either read or ignore.

Other facts about me:

My hometown is Woodinville, Washington (near Seattle).

I went to college at Brigham Young University (Mormon utopia/dystopia), got married very young, moved around the country, eventually got divorced, moved to Los Angeles, and here I am now!

I like to write about things like:

- What it’s like pursuing a career in entertainment later in life than most people (tl;dr: mostly horrifying but sometimes delightful)
- The behind-the-scenes turbulent emotional and mental side to acting
- Spirituality (and finding it after losing religion)
- Mental health stuff
- People who inspire me
- and dumb silly stuff that makes life delightfully weird.

You can send me an email! Why not?


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